The Eating Ritual – What you can learn from HOW you eat

The Eating Ritual – What you can learn from HOW you eat

Do you eat to feel better? Do you feel better when you eat?

Most people do and many people form addictive behaviors based on that good feeling. That “good” or “happy” feeling you get when you eat is actually your brain releasing Dopamine. Dopamine is your bodies way of rewarding you and teaching which activities it likes. Because of the way it makes you feel, Dopamine leads to activities becoming addictions.

Cocaine addiction is very much based on how it causes an excessive Dopamine response, making every rewarding behavior Super Rewarding and Fulfilling.

Many other activities also cause a Dopamine release, things like Sex, Watching TV, Playing Video Games, Drinking Alcohol, etc.  All of these things can be addictive behaviors because they make you feel good.

Like any addiction many people seek to get as much of a “high” as they possibly can. One way of doing this is combining multiple Dopamine releasing behaviors at once.

For example: Eating a huge meal while drinking Wine, smoking Tobacco, and watching TV.

Sound familiar?

A lot of people don’t realize they are doing this, but if you combine activities like this you need to understand why so you can start to gain control over your behavior.

Another common behavior for people like this is to eat most of their calories in one HUGE meal each day. This results in a very low level of Dopamine all day followed by a spike at Dinner when the body is overloaded with food. This cycle of low to high is what you must break to gain some control over your behavior.

Moderation is your friend here and Moderation starts with Monitoring. You need record your behavior and keep track of it, then seek out ways to slowly improve by moderating your self.

Keep track of how many meals you eat, how big of meals they are (big or small), how long you watch TV, and so on for each day of the week. Once you see it you will find it much easier to change for the better.

Instead of eating one massive meal, eat 5-8 small meals through the day to keep your Dopamine level at a moderate level. No euphoric spikes, just moderation.

As you continue to monitor your behavior and make small changes you will notice your records improve and you will find that your entire life improves.

Moderation is the secret and it can be learned!