Preventing Diabetes With A Scalpel

Preventing Diabetes With A Scalpel

According to an article on MSNBC’s website you can now “probably” prevent Type 2 Diabetes and on average lose 44 pounds for JUST $11,500 (Discount doctor rate, for a good doctor surgery costs $15,000+) with weight loss surgery.

And for some good spin:

It may turn out that this is very cost-effective,” he said. “You might even save money if you operate on patients with impaired fasting glucose because if you operate on 13 such patients, you prevent diabetes in 10 of them.

So spend 15 grand and you just might prevent diabetes and lose 44 pounds over the next 15 years! That’s the worst offer I’ve ever heard!

Type 2 Diabetes is a Disease caused by Obesity. Doctors will tell you it’s “linked” but will also tell you that being Obese massively increases your chances for getting Type 2 Diabetes.

A much better way to prevent Type 2 Diabetes is to change your diet to a healthy low fat diet (less than 200 total Calories From Fat per day), and start walking or jogging 30 minutes per day. Just these two simple things will cause you to lose weight and improve your health tremendously!