I’ll Never Let My Child…

I’ll Never Let My Child…

How many parents would agree with the following statements?

I would never let my child:

  • Ride a bike on the interstate
  • Smoke Crack
  • Eat Rat Poison
  • Shoot up with Heroin at dinner
  • Be a criminal
  • Hang out with a bad crowd
  • Play with Guns when no adults are present

Obviously no good parent would want any of these things for their children. Most would do everything they could to prevent these things because logically parents know these things will hurt their children and potentially wreck or end their lives.

And no parent would ever help their child take deadly drugs, play cops and robbers with a 9mm, or rob a liquor store, right?

So then why is it that parents allow 1 out of 3 kids to be FAT?

Being FAT as a kid is just as reliable a predictor of early death as doing illicit drugs or engaging in risky behavior. Growing up FAT leads to a life of growing misery and pain. And FAT kids are more likely to experience mental disorders like Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder, and even Suicide.

FAT Kids are much more likely to seek relief from the pain in their lives from Alcohol and Drugs, which fuels a further decline in their quality of life.

As these kids Age, they are likely to get Type 2 Diabetes first, then Heart Disease, and most likely Die very early.

I dare you to compare that list of negative effects to any other thing “You’ll never let your kid do” and then try to rationalize why you sit by and do nothing while your little FAT Kid unknowingly subjects himself to a slow painful death.

“But I can’t make him eat less, exercise more, etc”

That’s your job as a parent, if your FAT or not, it’s your responsibility to educate your self about health and nutrition so that you can then teach your child and be a positive role model. If Mommy and Daddy eat 5 Big Macs, 3 Large Fries, and 2 64oz Cokes at every meal, odds are the child will do the same.

If you take your child to fast food restaurants for every meal and then say “It’s not my fault” you are delusional. If you buy your kid a new video game every week and allow him to play video games for 12 hours a day, you are borderline abusive.

“It’s in his genes, we are just a big bones family”

Genetics and Big Bones are the lies fat people tell themselves to avoid facing the truth that they are 100% responsible for their condition. That is unless they are children, then it’s their parents fault.

The first step to changing anything is to drop your excuses. Until you take blame for your problems, you will NEVER be able to fix them. When you take blame for something you also take control of it because your admitting to your self that you have power over the problem, and not the other way around.

Saying that you are fat because of genetics, takes away all of your power to solve the problem.

And trust me when I say that NO ONE on earth is Genetically meant to be Obese, it’s all a Lie. You weren’t meant to be FAT!

“But I don’t want my child to not have what he wants, feel pain from exercise, get hurt in sports, etc”

These are normal concerns and thoughts, but in the long term they will cause far more harm than good. Let your kid get hurt, feel pain, and gain strength from those experiences.

Kids are supposed to be brash and fearless. Let them be crazy and experience life’s lessons. Only step in to prevent serious harm.

“My son doesn’t like sports, playing outside, etc”

Because he’s FAT and has never done it!

All kids like to play and have fun… But they need to learn how to first.

If a child has never experienced the fun of playing a sport with other kids, he will have no reference that tells him it could be fun. Just like if you’ve never seen the view from the top of mountain and felt the feelings that come with it, you have little reason to ever go climb a mountain.

As a parent you need to teach your child that these things can be fun by forcing them to do them. If necessary you can even start small. Play catch with your child first then work your way up to baseball.

Make it fun for them by using your imagination. Don’t go Hiking! Go on a jungle adventure searching for lost Mayan Treasure. Make a map with a big X then use your phones GPS or a compass to go find your pre-planted treasure.

There are no lazy kids, only lazy parents!

  • Your kid is FAT because of you.
  • It is 100% your fault.
  • He/She will live a Life of Pain and Die Fat and Alone because of you.
  • No one is meant to be fat
  • All kids like to play

Now educate your self, cook healthy food at home, teach your child how fun playing and sports can be, and feel good that you saved him or her from being a FAT KID!