Get Your Vitamins From Food NOT Pills

Get Your Vitamins From Food NOT Pills

There have been countless studies on the effectiveness of supplementing vitamins and the results are pretty wide ranging. Some studies show a benefit while others show no effect or even a harmful effect.

The problem I have with them is that they are a quick fix, a cure all excuse to eat “empty” food that doesn’t give you the proper nutrients you need to function at a high level. People think that they can eat poorly and still maintain some level of health just by popping a few supplements every day.

Why eat an orange when you can chew some Vitamin C candy? Why go outside and get some sunlight if you can just drink some Vitamin D enhanced Milk or take a Vitamin D pill?

I’m sure supplementation helps in many cases but when medicine becomes an excuse to damage your body and neglect nutrition, it’s medicine that’s to blame for enabling people to hurt themselves.

This is precisely the problem with our current health care system… It enables unhealthy behavior. Want to drink your liver to death? No big deal, you can get another. Eat your self into Diabetes and Heart Disease? Just take Lipitor, have a few bypass operations and shoot up with Insulin every day.

There are people out there who are Obese but not quite Obese enough to qualify for the quick fix Gastric Bypass Surgery. Rather than start eating healthier foods and exercising they choose to eat worse and try to get fatter so they can qualify. Why work for something and experience even the slightest discomfort when you can lose weight, stop binge eating, and cure your Diabetes with surgery?

Had the women in the article above exercised daily, restricted her diet to less than 10% calories from fat per day, and ate more vegetables over the same 2 years she spent binging on high fat foods to gain weight she would have most likely completely resolved her Diabetes and gotten into much better overall health.

Quick fixes encourage people to need them.