Flaxseed Is An Effective Appetite Suppressant And Reduces Overall Food Intake

Flaxseed Is An Effective Appetite Suppressant And Reduces Overall Food Intake

Most people probably haven’t heard too much about Flaxseed when it comes to cooking or diet. Even if they have heard about it, they probably never got around to figuring out how to use it. The simple answer to that is to just add a tablespoon to everything possible. That includes Salads, Soups, Pastas, Veggie Dishes, and anything else you can think of.

Typically I am against any food with a high fat content like Ground Flaxseed but as long as you don’t use more than 3 Tablespoons a day it’s benefits far outweigh the negative effects of high fat foods.

The Study below found that even small amounts of Flaxseed Fiber had a significant impact of both appetite and overall energy intake. This means that even a small tablespoon added to your morning Cereal or Oatmeal could effortlessly reduce your Calorie Intake by over 8%, which could mean ten’s of pounds lost over the course on a year!

The Study:

Appetite. 2012 Apr;58(2):490-5. Epub 2012 Jan 5.

Flaxseed dietary fiber supplements for suppression of appetite and food intake.


Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen, Rolighedsvej 30, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.


We conducted two single-blinded randomized crossover acute studies with 24 and 20 subjects, respectively, to compare (I) Control vs. Flax drink; and (II) Flax drink vs. Flax tablets. The subjects were exposed to one of the treatments after an overnight fast, and rated appetite sensation for 120 min using visual analog scales (VAS). Hereafter they consumed an ad libitum early lunch to assess energy intake. The treatments were iso-caloric and iso-volumeric: Control: 300 mL drink; Flax drink: Control drink with addition flax fiber extract (2.5 g of soluble fibers); and Flax tablet: Control drink with flax fiber tablets (2.5 g of soluble fibers). Flax drink increased sensation of satiety and fullness compared to Control and a significant decrease in subsequent energy intake was observed after the Flax drink compared to Control (2937 vs. 3214 kJ). Appetite ratings were similar for Flax tablets and Flax drink as they did not differ by more than 1-4%. Subsequent energy intake was similar after the two treatments (3370 vs. 3379 kJ). A small dose of flaxseed fiber significantly suppresses appetite and energy intake. Furthermore, flaxseed fibers administered as drinks or tablets produce similar responses.

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