Energy Drinks: A bad fix for a common problem

Energy Drinks: A bad fix for a common problem

Do you get tired half way through your day? Have trouble waking up in the morning? Almost fall asleep after every meal?

A lot of people do and because of that the “Selling of Energy” business has become huge, with some of the largest companies on earth getting involved. But what’s really going on here?

As a society we’re getting less and less healthy. More people with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and countless other problems. The solution is becoming more and more a quick fix. Much like how Soma was used to keep people happy in the book Brave New World, people now take Zoloft when they feel sad, Zanax when they get stressed, Ambien when they want to sleep, and Stimulants when they get tired.

None of these treat the cause, they just treat the symptoms while causing “Collateral Damage” to other parts of your body.

So what is the cause of this epidemic of low energy?

In most cases it’s caused by bad nutrition, and lack of exercise.

A simple test for the Nutritional Aspect of this is to go have a reasonably sized healthy (low fat) meal and then notice how you feel 30 minutes afterwards. Next go have a big unhealthy fat packed meal and notice the difference in how you feel afterwards. Chances are you will feel tired after the big fatty meal and energetic after the healthy meal. You may even notice that your heart rate and blood pressure increase after the fatty meal as well.

This is a small example of how nutrition effects you every single day. High Nutrient Density, Low Fat foods make you feel better and naturally raise your energy levels. While High Fat, Low Nutrient or “empty” foods leave you feeling tired and sick.

As for exercise there is one small fact that illustrates why exercise is so effective for maintaining your energy levels…

Back before I started to improve my nutrition and exercise regularly my Resting Heart Rate was between 77 and 85 bpm (in my early 20′s). That meant that my heart had to work VERY hard just to keep me alive, much less to do anything else.

Contrast that to now after about 3 years of Exercise and Improving Nutrition. My current Resting Heart Rate is between 47-55 bpm meaning that my heart has to work almost half as much to keep me alive than it used to. That’s a huge difference in how efficient my body has become.

You see an even bigger difference when you compare what happens when these two very different versions of myself do something like running 100 yards. Before making healthy changes to my life doing this would leave me doubled over heaving and squealing to catch my breath. My heart rate no doubt up around 150 or more.

Now I could do the same thing without breathing heavy and my heart rate would probably never go above 80 bpm.

By creating a more efficient machine and using more efficient fuel you can completely change the way you feel every day. Not just more energy, but a happier state of mind, a more positive outlook, getting sick less often, and much more.

What most of America (and the world) is doing right now is the same as Driving a car with 2 flat tires, a spare donut, 4 out of 6 working pistons, a clogged fuel filter, and a broken exhaust system, and then on top of all that putting dirty watered down fuel in it.