Have you ever seen a Fat wild animal?

If you put a Cow in a field with more grass than it can eat in 10 lifetimes, will the cow eat it’s self to death? Will it ever become Obese?

The answer to both of these questions is no, given unlimited food sources no animal will eat more energy than it needs. In most cases, they will simply reduce their time spent searching for food, and increase their time spent searching for mating opportunities.

So why do we believe Humans are designed to eat our selves to death?

The popular belief is that the obesity epidemic is caused by an over supply of food and a lack of exercise.

That a person given unlimited access to food and allowed to eat “ad libitum” (as much as they want) will eat themselves to a slow death by obesity.

The underlying assumption is that humans are flawed and designed to only thrive when food is scarce but to kill ourselves off when food is plentiful. That through all of human history we have never encountered a bigger threat to our existence as an abundance of food.

Obviously that entire idea is ridiculous, the over abundance of food has nothing to do with obesity!

If access to food was a reliable predictor of obesity, then most wealthy people would be fat and most poor people would be thin. Clearly Mississippi hasn’t gotten that memo because they are on average the poorest state in the USA AND the fattest.

People don’t get fat because they have too much food available to them, and as we’re about to see they don’t get fat from not starving themselves often enough either.

“Want to lose weight? Stop Eating!” (And Make Yourself Sick)

If you were to do a survey and ask people what the best way to lose weight and become physically fit was, the vast majority of reponses would tell you to Eat Less, and Exercise More. Common sense advice right?


Calorie Restriction, and all other forms of starvation diets make you SICK! Your body is fooled into believing you are starving, so it starts to eat it’s self…

From Wikipedia:

Individuals experiencing starvation lose substantial fat (adipose) and muscle mass as the body breaks down these tissues for energy. Catabolysis is the process of a body breaking down its own muscles and other tissues in order to keep vital systems such as the nervous system and heart muscle (myocardium) functioning. Vitamin deficiency is a common result of starvation, often leading to anemia, beriberi, pellagra, and scurvy. These diseases collectively can also cause diarrhea, skin rashes, edema, and heart failure. Individuals are often irritable and lethargic as a result.

Early symptoms include impulsivity, irritability, hyperactivity and other symptoms. Atrophy (wasting away) of the stomach weakens the perception of hunger, since the perception is controlled by the percentage of the stomach that is empty. Victims of starvation are often too weak to sense thirst, and therefore become dehydrated.

All movements become painful due to muscle atrophy and dry, cracked skin that is caused by severe dehydration. With a weakened body, diseases are commonplace. Fungi, for example, often grow under the esophagus, making swallowing unbearably painful.

The energy deficiency inherent in starvation causes fatigue and renders the victim more apathetic over time. As the starving person becomes too weak to move or even eat, their interaction with the surrounding world diminishes.

There is also an inability to fight diseases, and in females, irregular menstruation can occur.

Worst of all, when the diet ends all of the lost weight (and often more) is regained very quickly. However, because Muscle is harder to restore than Fat, the Percentage of Fat increases resulting in a weaker, less healthy person after each “diet” cycle.

It is the Core belief of this website that all diets based on inducing a Starvation Response in the body are unhealthy, ineffective over time, and in the majority of cases lead to declining health.

You should not limit what you eat! You should eat until you are full and your body says to stop! But ONLY if you are eating the right kinds of foods, which you will learn about on this website. Starting with The List. If you eat the right food and avoid the bad foods it become very difficult to eat more calories than you need. In most cases this results in a automatic slow return to a healthy weight.

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